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The surrender of O is, once again, set in the world of contemporary LA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s most glitzy and glamorous kink-sex enthusiasts. The story picks up approximately six months after O rejects her dominant lover, Steven, at the end of O: The Power of Submission. We find O back in her photo studio shooting a series of self-portraits in slave gear. Marie enters, having the key to O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s place, and takes charge, giving O a taste of what she\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s been missing since she spurned Steven. Afterward, O confides to Marie that, while she doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t miss either Steve or Ray in particular, she misses the intensity of the life she had with them. Marie offers O the chance to return to the house on her own, where O rejoins the sorority of sex slaves, some familiar from before, others new to her. In a series of charged encounters, O is briefly reacquainted with Ray, Steven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s half-brother and O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s one-time lover, for whom she new feels nothing, and Steven himself, who she realizes she still loves. Though she enjoys her time at the house as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"one of the girls\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", she comes to realize that Steven was really the right partner for her and she wants to be his alone. With the help of Marie\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s intervention, O and Steven are reunited at last in a passionate reunion.

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